Self-adhesive 24K Gold Decoration

Gold. The fascination for this precious and legendary element is nearly endless. Many architects, interior decorators and even boat designers create unique décor like out of The Arabian Nights with Gold Leaf’s self-adhesive 24 K gold. The costumised concepts are individually designed at Gold Leaf and will be applied locally all around the world.

g o l d l e a f

We make the original Gold Leaf your advantage:

filigree, multicolored décor with fine contours are possible

either developing of individual designs or take-over of data provided by the customer

no limitaion of size for the joints are invisible

laminated glass screen is possible / VSG

application on different, even bent surfaces

suitable inside and outside

identical colour brilliance on both sides and vivid metallic structure

extremly resilient, high scratch resistance


Combine as many shades as you want in one design seamlessly

Pure gold, silver, platinum and palladium aswell as over thirty alloys in different shades like rosé gold, citron gold, white gold, antique gold, moon gold and green gold can be put together in one décor without any joints.


Gold Leaf self-adhesive
24 K gold foil

Interior work inside of buildings, hotels or yachts, realgold lettering, finishing of luxurious vehicles, windows and doors inside and outside, also as laminated glas, sight protection and partition, goldglas, golden walls, golden wallpaper, golden wall accents, luxourious interior design, gold foil wallpapers, etc.


Purest precious metalls used only

The basis of our products are the finest gold leaf, silver leaf, platinum leaf, palladium leaf. In a thousand year old tradition the extremly thin gold leaf foils and metall leaf foils are beated out of pure precious metalls and processed by hand. Which kind of gripper is able to pick up a leaf that in the end is thinner then a ten thousandth of a millimetre? 8.000 layers of gold leafs piled on top of each other reach a hight of 1 millimetre.


We process gold leafs locally

Our whole team has years of experience in processing of high quality materials. We guarantee absolutely accurate, fast and reliable application of your decorations. If you have any special wishes or ideas for any use of gold leafs do not hesitate to reach out to us. Send us an e-mail, we will call back immediately.


of real precious metalls

Our extremely thin real gold folies have many different applications in the design of glas or other surfaces. An individual and highly filigree design offers endless possibilities to give objects and rooms the perfect finish.

Gold leaf from Schwabach

Made in Germany – the global centre of all gold-beaters is in southern Germany. Gold leaf spreads from here to all over the world to gild domes, roofs, columns, stucco and statues, for gilded ornaments on furniture, books, letterings and glas, for gold-ground painting, gold glas, gold covered walls and ceilings. And that is where our self-adhesive 24 K gold folies are fabricated, as well as other precious metal folies from platinium leaf and palladium leaf.

Gold Leaf AP GmbH Lindenbachstraße 3
D – 91126 Schwabach

T +49 [0] 9122 18 99 210

A World Innovation
from Germany

A new technique allows most filigree decoration works on glas and other materials. Razor-sharp contours persuade in never seen applicablity and quality.

• Fine decoration
• Stunningly brilliant shine
• Versatile application
• Resistant
• Weather-proof

Individual consulting!